Top Tips for Choosing a Solar Supplier

Switching to solar energy is a big decision, so picking the right company to design, supply and install your Solar & EV solution is key.

Here are some top tips to help you choose the best solution for you:

1) Ask Friends and Family

Get recommendations from people you trust who have already installed solar panels. Their experiences can often guide you to reliable suppliers.

2) Do Your Homework

Research different suppliers in your area. Check their websites, read reviews, compare their services and ask to see one of their installations. This will help you find a supplier that best fits your needs and budget.

3) Look for MCS Accreditation

Ensure the supplier is MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited. This means they meet high standards of quality, safety and a member of a “Consumer Code” relevant to the microgeneration sector, which has been approved by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI). These Codes are in place to protect the consumer. At present there are two Codes that meet the MCS requirements:

• The Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC);

• The Home Insulation and Energy Systems (HIES) Code of Practice.

4) Get Three Quotes

Ask for quotes from at least three suppliers. Compare costs and services, but be wary of prices that are much lower than others—they might indicate lower quality. Don’t just go for the lowest quote. Sometimes it’s worth paying a bit more for better quality and service.

5) Check the Warranty

Make sure the supplier offers a good warranty on both the panels and the installation. This protects you against defects and issues down the line.

6) Consider After-Sales Support

Good after-sales support is crucial. Make sure the supplier offers maintenance services and technical support to keep your system running smoothly. There’s a wide range of suppliers out there. Take your time to choose one that offers the right products and services for your needs.


Choosing the right solar supplier is vital for a successful switch to renewable energy. Follow these tips to ensure quality, reliability and and peace of mind.